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The Northeastern Operating Engineers Federal Credit Union ’s Debit/ATM card allows you to access your money twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. As a debit card you may use your card at any store accepting MasterCard. Funds will automatically be withdrawn from your share draft account (free checking account) with every purchase. You can also make a purchase at any store featuring the NYCE symbol and request cash back on the spot. You can also access cash from either your savings or checking account by using one of the 35,000 surcharge free Allpoint Network ATM’s in the United States and Europe.

To find an ATM location, simply sign onto the website and enter your zip code in the zip code locator box. A listing of ATM’s in your area will appear or you can call NOEFCU at (718) 847-0202 and we will inform you of a location near you.

Changing Debit/ATM PIN

You have the option to change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your NOEFCU debit/ATM card.  If you would like to change the (PIN) simply call (866) 480-7030 and follow the telephone instructions.  The PIN change will be effective immediately.

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